Delhi NCR

God is everywhere

Yes, we Indians believe we can reach God just about anywhere and please him.

Once an evergreen tree (located in Delhi NCR) was converted into a mini-temple 15 years back. Now what’s left of the tree is a bare bark with a few green leaves. So you might wonder how this tree became a place of worship. Well its probably because someone placed a statue or two of the Indian God here, and one thing led to another. The caretaker of this temple, has now become a self- proclaimed priest. The people of this neighborhood have become superstitious about this temple & have been offering prayers over the years.

The tree / temple has also become a ‘wishing tree’, but we don’t throw a coin to make a wish, instead here we tie a red thread around the tree to make a wish. Once the wish is fulfilled you untie the thread.

Delhi has many such stories, come and experience it visit us.

Contributed by The Delhi Way – June ‘12